Access To Premises

Access to the premises is by a proximity card (looks like a credit card), which you hold up to a reader mounted on a yellow post at the entrance gate. This is done from the comfort of your vehicle, no need to get out and there are no pin numbers to forget.

When you swipe the card it will automatically open the gate and at the same time unlock your shed, all of the sheds have a 600 kg breaking strain electronic lock attached to the door, and the facility to attach your own padlock should you wish for added security.

After you leave your shed and wish to exit the premises, you will find a green post, the same thing happens again, only in reverse. You swipe the card, the exit gate opens and the system locks your shed until the next time you wish to enter the premises.

The premises are floodlit at night and a recorded camera monitoring system runs 24 hours a day.

Main Points

  • Each customer receives an access card to access the premises and their shed
  • If a customer requires more than 1 card for any reason, extra cards are available
  • All card activities are recorded and a report on activities can be obtained
  • Your card access can be programmed to suit your needs, normal access is 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, but restricted hours can be applied should you request this
  • Accessing the premises is easy, swipe your card and you are in, exiting is as easy
  • Facility for your own padlock
  • Driveway lighting
  • Monitored cameras