Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage

Are you looking for bulk storage for your furniture, car, motorhome , motorcycle, caravan, or boat storage in a safe and secure environment? Well, the answer is Code Red Security Storage .

By storing your vehicles undercover it protects them from the elements, increases your vehicle's life span and helps maintain the value of the vehicle.

Why are you looking for bulk Storage?

  • Travelling
  • Work at the Mines
  • No space for additional vehicles at home
  • Protection from the weather and crime
  • Need that classic safely stored

The benefit when you store your vehicles or furniture with Code Red Security Storage are:

  • Peace of mind and less stress
  • Fully secure - 24-hour surveillance
  • Protection from weather and crime
  • Location of the facility to the Marina and City Centre to the Marina and the City Centre
  • Long term and short term rentals